How Much Do Personal Stylists Get Paid?

Not everyone knows this, but working as a personal stylist isn’t like working a regular job. There are no set hours, unlike a “normal” job, and there certainly isn’t a salary. Well, unless you take on a “stylist” position at a boutique, and in that case, you’re just a sales associate with a fancy title. But I digress.

Before joining my program, Style Boss Academy, one of my students wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue this particular career path because the salary deterred her. She made the common error of Googling, “how much do personal stylists make?” The search results will tell you that the salary is anywhere from 22k to 70k a year.

Google is wrong, my friend. As a Personal Stylist, I make more money in a month than I did in an entire year at my 9-5.

When you work for yourself as a Personal Stylist, the sky is the limit in terms of how much money you make. Here’s why:

1.) You’re an entrepreneur when you work as a personal stylist!

That means you set your prices and your hours. The more established and in-demand you are as a stylist, the more you can charge for your services. The only thing you can’t create more of as a stylist is hours in the day, which is why you can …

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2.) Leverage your styling skills to create additional streams of income

I took my successful career as a Personal Stylist and turned it into online courses, books, brand partnerships, coaching, corporate seminars, and event hosting. When you build your styling business on a solid foundation and approach your styling method with a fresh perspective, people will want to pay you top dollar for your expertise.

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I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, but how much?!”

I can’t give you an exact number but what I can tell you is that I’ve created a 7-figure styling business for myself. I’ve also trained over 5,000 aspiring stylists to build their lucrative businesses. It’s not unrealistic to set your sights on making 6-figures as a style entrepreneur. The sky is the limit when you work for yourself, so dream big and get to work!

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