Should You Change Your Style To Fit In?


Why is it that we get so attached to an identity that no longer serves us?

Think about it.

You’ll wear some less-than-fabulous attire, know you can do better, but get defensive when your appearance holds you back.

You shout things like, “They should like me for me!” and “Being judged by your appearance isn’t fair!”

Well, you’re absolutely right, but that doesn’t negate the facts.

People are judging you. You know, I know it, your mama knows it.

So why aren’t you changing the way you look? Why are you getting so darn defensive?

The short answer is, it’s your EGO!!

It may sound counterintuitive to change how you look to “fit in,” and taking those measures isn’t appropriate for all situations.


The situations where it matters, it REALLY matters.

Get the full scoop in today’s video.


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