Are You Wearing Too Much Black?

Back in my celebrity styling days, I dressed a lot of musicians. The lead singer would always get the coolest clothes. The band and backup singers would get to choose from a rack of all black.

Makes sense, they aren’t the focus. They aren’t the “star” of the show.

There was a time where I always wore black. I thought it was a preference, but looking back the choice went much deeper.

I was no longer the “lead singer” at my own show.

I found myself in relationships, business partnerships, and friendships where I was the backup singer.

There is nothing wrong with being in a supporting role unless of course, you know you were meant to be the star.

The second I began stepping into my spotlight, my style started to shift. I naturally gravitated towards more vibrant colors, prints, and bold accessories.


I was no longer afraid to be seen.

I’m not saying that everyone who wears black is hiding, but I challenge you to think about what your style might be saying about you.

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