Are You Hiding Behind Your Style? 🙈

Hiding vs. camouflaging, there is a difference when it comes to style.

Weight gain, past trauma, and a lack of confidence often contribute to hiding behind big baggy clothes or an all black wardrobe. Your main mission when you are hiding is to become completely invisible .

Stop doing that!
I’m not asking you to let it all hang out either.  If  you’re not feeling up to putting it all out there, I encourage you to camouflage instead.

This can mean:

  • Wearing a busy print to confuse the eye and distract from any problem areas
  • Dressing for your body type, flattering your figure is the fastest way to visually drop a few pounds.
  • Wearing items that make you happy! That inner joy will translate on the outside.

Hiding brings about feelings of shame, and nobody like a shame spiral 🌀

Turn to page 184 in Style Therapy for body type tips 💕Are you hiding behind your style? 🙈

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