Style Therapy Makeover Experience Episode 8 {watch now}


Have you ever had someone straight-up not hold the door open for you?

Like, you’re standing right there and nada.

Well, I conducted a little experiment:

My building has a doorman, and it’s literally his job to hold open the door for the tenants.

I noticed that anytime I’d come in or out dressed in oversized sweats (late night dog walks, don’t judge), the doorman wouldn’t open the door for me.

It was like I was invisible.

BUT when I’m all dressed up, the doorman practically runs to let me in.

Whether we intend to or not, sometimes we HIDE behind our clothes.

Often hiding costs us much more than someone not opening the door. I’m talking about being passed up for the big promotion, being overlooked by your crush, not getting your dream house, and the list goes on.

In today’s episode of the Style Therapy Makeover Experience, you’re going to meet Debra, who has been hiding behind baggy clothing since she was 11-years old.

Debra admits she’s never had respect for the significance of style but realized through doing the work inside Style Therapy that what’s hiding behind her baggy clothing is a lot of painful memories.

Today’s episode is AWESOME! Debra attacks this style roadblock head-on and makes some jaw-dropping progress.


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