Style Therapy Makeover Experience Episode 7 {watch now}


“Nothing ever fits me!”

A common phrase amongst my clients.

They say it whether they’re a size zero or a size 16.

I’m here to tell you that no matter your size, there is something out there that fits you – it just might take a little extra effort to find it.

In today’s episode of the Style Therapy Makeover Experience, you’re going to meet Tala. 

Tala is an attorney in Los Angeles who is tired of her clothing, closet, body image issues, and tired of having people act surprised when they find out she’s a lawyer.

One of the style roadblocks that Tala comes up against is the challenges associated with being a plus-sized woman making over her style.

But guess what? Using the tools in my book Style Therapy, Tala prevails and comes out of the experience transformed!

Take a look …


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