Style Therapy Makeover Experience Episode 6 {watch now}

ImageIt seems like you can’t talk about style without thinking about money.

Think about it, have you ever spotted the perfect outfit but then immediately went to:

“I can’t afford it. 💸”

“I wish I could afford that. 😔”

“I could never afford that!!”

Or you said, “Screw it!” and went into debt in an attempt to approve your style?

Money is funny, and it’s one of the most difficult style roadblocks to overcome.

If you can’t get your money mindset right, your style WILL struggle.

In today’s episode of the Style Therapy Makeover Experience, you will meet Taj, a 22-year-old first-year Ph.D. student who is struggling big time with the money mindset roadblock.

This week’s episode will be a little different because I can’t help but jump in with a mini-Lauren Rant or two.

Of course, I do it out of love because I WISH I would’ve tackled my money issues when I was in my twenties. It took years of stress, shame, and piles of debt before I saw the light.

I’ll also be sharing some tips to move those blocks out of the way to let your signature style shine through.


PS- Inside Style Confidence Collective, I have a 7-Day Money Manifestation Challenge that resulted in SCC members manifesting THOUSANDS of dollars … each! Join SCC now to get instant access.

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