Style Therapy Makeover Experience Episode 3 {watch now}


Yesterday I was interviewed for a podcast, and the interviewer had some questions about my “tough love” approach when interacting with my clients and followers.

Listen, I’m aware that I’m not for everyone. I’m aware that not everyone connects with the passion and intention behind my rants, but let me try to explain:

I have a gift for seeing people’s potential. 

It’s like a sixth sense that I can’t turn off. Low key, I feel like I’m a little bit psychic, but because saying that often comes across as “crazy,” so I call it an impeccable bullshit meter.

I KNOW when my clients are meant for more, I KNOW when they are only scratching the surface, and I KNOW when they aren’t dressing in a way that represents who they truly are. 

And honestly, it keeps me up at night.

I lose sleep when my clients, who I KNOW are badasses, don’t level up!!

So I call them out.

Sometimes it’s gentle, sometimes it not.

In today’s episode of the Style Therapy Makeover Experience, I do a little bit of calling out.

Why? Because Gabriella is a very talented artist, and she’s rolling around town wearing a full-on banana outfit! You’ll see it in today’s episode; me attempting to describe it wouldn’t do it justice.


And please show Gabi some LOVE in the comments, and only love. She’s my client, so I’m the only one who can give her shit.😉

But seriously, she did a great job, and her before/ after shots are quite dramatic!!

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