Why Personal Style Matters

Like it or not, style matters. We, especially women, are judged by our appearance. Wishing it wasn’t that way doesn’t change the facts.

Michelle Obama said it best in her Netflix documentary ‘Becoming’:

“Fashion for a woman still predominates how people view you, and that’s not fair, that’s not right, but it’s true. That’s when fashion isn’t just fashion; it’s how you turn it into your tool, rather than being a victim of it.”


I believe, and have been preaching this for years, that style is a tool you can use to get anything you want.

That belief is exactly why I ditched my career as a celebrity stylist to pursue styling everyday women instead.

After becoming one of the most sought after personal stylists in Los Angeles, I came to the realization that I was doing a disservice to women by being their stylist.
That sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out …

My clients couldn’t even pick out a shoe without my guidance! Every time they needed a new outfit, they called me. This was excellent for my bank account, but it wasn’t great for my moral code.

I wanted women to use their style to their advantage, not bankrupt them by being cracked out on a stylist. And what about the women who couldn’t afford to hire a stylist? What were they supposed to do?

So I decided to flip my business model on its head. I was no longer in the business of styling women; I was in the business of teaching women how to style themselves because the importance of style reaches far beyond looking good. Style can be used to increase confidence, open doors, get ahead, make more money, and as a way to express yourself/your brand more authentically.

100% of my clients experience increased confidence, improved sense of style, career success, and a greater sense of purpose after applying my signature blend of mixing personal development with style.

Stick with me if you’re ready to improve your style and your life. I have a ton of free mini-lessons on style and personal development to share with you!


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