How To Find Confidence When You Feel Overdressed

Back when I subscribed to Elle magazine, I would skip past the fashion editorials and head straight to E. Jean’s advice column. I’d eventually get to the style, but man, I loved reading her brutally honest advice more than anything else.

I love giving advice, which works out perfectly because people are constantly asking for my advice on all things style, business, and life.

BUT as much as I love being helpful, my time (and advice) is valuable, which means I can’t give away the goods for free. #knowyourworth

This doesn’t mean I’m not giving advice; it just means you gotta pay to get it! Don’t worry; I made it affordable so everyone could have access.

Every month inside Style Confidence Collective, I host a live Q&A where you can ask me anything. Last month I spent 90 minutes answering questions on business, mindset, and of course, style.

If you want to ask me a question, be sure to join SCC – our next Q&A is on February 19th. Join now!  

Until then, check out a few Q’s and A’s from past months of SCC.



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