Is It Weight Loss Or Is It Wardrobe?

The other day, I felt particularly cute, so I snapped a selfie and posted the picture on Instagram. I was immediately hit with comments and DM’s like this:

“You look so tiny!”

“No shade, but I just realized that you are really small.”

“How do you stay so thin during quarantine?”

While I am doing my best to eat right and stay active during this pandemic, I am definitely NOT in the best shape of my life right now.

So what changed?

I dressed for my body type that day.

That’s right; that bod has been hiding underneath my vintage Metallica tee-shirt the whole time!

With the change of an outfit, I look like I dropped 10lbs. Seriously, I am utilizing at least three body type methods to best highlight my hourglass frame- it’s like magic!

Let me be clear, looking like you lost weight isn’t the secret to success or happiness, but the additional boost of body confidence can improve your mood and motivate you to continue to take care of yourself. That’s what it does for me, anyhow.

If you want to learn how to dress for your body type, I can teach you. Click here to learn all of my secrets!

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