The Level Up Formula Style Series {Part 5}

We did it! We made it to Step 5 of the Level Up Formula Style Series; this is where the rubber meets the road, my friend.


Before we get started, let us review the previous steps:

Step 1: Make a Decision 

Step 2: Commit To Yourself

Step 3: Put Some Skin In The Game

Step 4: Do The Work 
Now it’s on to Step 5: Get Accountable!

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The most impactful transformational journeys aren’t made alone.

Being surrounded by the right people – the people who speak your language is critical to growth. 

Ask yourself, “Who is in my inner circle, and does that network need leveling up?”

You must have people who can lift you up, cheer for you, support you, and help hold you accountable. Any dead weight and negativity WILL stop you from making your dreams a reality – that I can promise you.

Check out today’s video to learn about my level-up buddies for every area of my life (style, business, health, and fitness), and how you can upgrade your network as well.

If you need help with any of the steps involved in upgrading your style, setting goals, making money, working on your business … then I invite you to join Style Confidence Collective. It’s incredibly affordable and is accepting new members now. Visit to join.

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