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Money is a very sensitive subject for a lot of people – especially right now.

There is no doubt that what is happening with the coronavirus is impacting the economy.

Stores are closed, restaurants are takeout only… essentially the globe is closed for business. During this pandemic I’ve seen both sides of the coin:

1.) People who are scared, stunned, and unclear on what the future holds for them financially.

2.) People who are CRUSHING IT right now despite the economy.

In fact, during my monthly mastermind call, one of my fellow boss babes had a record-breaking month, and another just sold a $24,000 coaching package!

Two groups of people living in the same world, but both are experiencing completely different realities. How does that happen?

You’re probably thinking it all boils down to luck, but the truth is it all comes down to this:

Alignment and mindset. 

When your mind is sharp, and the default’s set to positivity and success, you cannot lose. Your mind is trained to make quick pivots and to come up with solutions that will ensure you weather-the-storm.

That is why I’m encouraging you to use this time to level up!

Get dressed, read, journal, work on yourself, and get your mind right. 

Since so many people are sweating when it comes to money, I’ve decided to devote the entire month of April to ‘Money Mindset’ inside Style Confidence Collective. 

Here is a little preview of what’s to come inside Style Confidence Collective:

Book Club: We’re reading my FAVORITE book about money mindset 
It’s the first book I read on the topic, and since discovering it, I’ve read it five times!

Growth: Breaking & Building Money Habits
Let’s break some bad habits around spending money, saving money, and thinking about money with this month’s growth challenge.

Workshop + Guide: Wardrobe Budgeting
I created a next-level guide to help you budget for your wardrobe shopping – this ain’t your mama’s budgeting techniques.

Shopping Guide By Income
Dive into this month’s shopping guide (curated by me), which is broken down by budget.

Monthly Q&A
Ask me anything about anything 🙂

AND since last week’s Zoom styling party was such a hit, I’m doing four more in April:

April 7th: Decorate Your Denim
April 14th: Styling Scarves
April 21st: Stacking Those Bracelets
April 28th: Styling With Belts

It’s going to be a great month. If you’re already a member, I’ll see you inside. If you aren’t, you can click here to watch a little preview of what’s to come, and if you’re feeling inspired, join our rockin’ little community.

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