The Level Up Formula Style Series {Part 3}

I’m having a very interesting reaction to what’s happening in the world right now. And I fully believe it’s testament to the personal development work I’ve done over the past ten years because:

I feel fired up, positive, and hopeful. Yes, even amongst the chaos, I’m like lets LEVEL UP!


Level up on as individuals and as a collective global unit.

We have choices, people: 

1.) Panic, freakout, and let the fear and uncertainly consume us.

Or …

2.) Grab hold of the things we can control and make the most out of a $*%t situation.

One thing we CAN control is what we wear. HELLO … that’s an easy one!

Getting dressed with intention (aka not throwing on yesterdays sweats) is proven to positively impact your mood.

So even if you’re sitting home eating Twinkies (because you’re on a government-mandated lockdown), let’s get dressed and finish what we started!

Ya know, The Level Up Formula 5-Part Style Series that we’re smack-dab in the middle of.

Uh-huh. We’re still doing that, and today is dedicated to Step 3: Putting Some Skin In The Game. 

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I’m about to talk about money, so prepare yourselves.

We put a lot of meaning into money, and for many, the idea of wasting it is the worst thing ever. As a result, we become stingy are afraid to spend money when the outcome is unclear.

For example, it’s easy to spend money on something like food. You can see the food and eat the food, so in your eyes, no money “wasted.”

However, when it comes to something that is going to improve your life like coaching, an online program, a vacation … it becomes much harder. What if I don’t get a return on my investment? What if that money is wasted?

I’m going to speak from personal experience (as I always do); the more I spend to improve myself, the better results I see.

And this is NOT because more expensive = better. 

It means I had some serious skin in the game, and I wanted to make sure that investment wasn’t a waste.

So this week for Step 3, I want YOU to put some skin in the game to ensure your Level Up experience sticks.

I’ll go through all of the details inside today’s video (no, I’m not going to ask you to spend a million dollars), and I have an interesting study to share that proves I’m not blowing smoke up your booty.


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