How To Know If It’s Time For a Style Refresh

It’s 2020, the New Year is here, and if you’re like the people on my Instagram feed (cleaning out their closets, shopping)- you’re probably feeling compelled to bust out the “new year new you.” The new decade feels they are upon us, and people want change, and they want it now.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is you’re letting your emotions and an invisible to-do list drive forward your actions WITHOUT a proper game plan or solid intentions in place. Most people attack their style problems in this manner, and unfortunately, this is the gateway to everything going wrong.

Here’s what happens:

  • You decide its time for a new you, which means (in your mind) its time to refresh your style.
  • You clean out your closet – only to regret getting rid of half of your stuff.
  • You create a Pinterest board with all of your dream outfits, but this dream has no ties to your actual dreams.
  • You shop because you gotta capitalize on those post-holiday sales.
  • You feel good for a second, but ultimately you waste time and money

So why does this vicious cycle keep happening?

It happens because you are allowing other people’s timing or a sense of urgency to dictate your experience.

You are going into the styling with a process without a plan or intention.

How do you know if it’s time for an upgrade? How do you know if you’re making a big mistake?

First, check your motives: Do you just want new stuff? Or are you ready to level up your style?

Here are a few good reasons to refresh your style:

  • New job
  • Lifestyle change – newly single, moved to a new city
  • Weight changes – loss or gain
  • New beginnings – like legit new beginnings, not “new year new me.”

If you need a style refresh, I can help! Personal Style University 2.0 opens up on January 29th and will take your look to the next level.

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