Closet Cleanse: Why It’s So Hard To Get Rid of Expensive Items

A few months ago, I posted a photo of my closet on Instagram, and people were pretty shocked. For a person with a career in fashion, my wardrobe is pretty darn small.

I don’t have a ton of clothing because I keep a tight, well-edited closet, and I rarely have a tough time letting things go. Plus, another reason my closet looks so small is because I keep my bags and shoes in my home office.

That space is more like a piece of the decor than actual style “stuff,” and I rarely think about it when I do my closet cleanses. There is room for everything that’s there, and it serves as a lovely backdrop for my videos.

However, recently, I’ve had a little voice inside my head telling me to let some of that stuff go.

The voice whispered to me for months. Last week I decided to listen.

I could easily identify which pieces needed to go, but I found it shockingly difficult to release them. After a little pondering, I knew the reason …

I shouldn’t have bought those pieces in the first place!

I screwed up and didn’t want to face the music. So in today’s video, I am showing you all of the fabulous designer pieces I got rid of and why. Check it out.

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