4 Tips for Styling Vintage Clothing

image – Regeneration Vintage aka the best vintage store in LA 

Ever go shopping and find yourself hating everything the stores have to offer?

You’re not alone because that shit happens ALL THE TIME.

I was in Nordstrom this past weekend with a friend, and the selection was trash. Her immediate reaction was to give up on building a new wardrobe. This is where most people go wrong – one bad shopping experience, and it’s all over.

It started with “this selection sucks,” and quickly escalated to “everything is too expensive.” It was all downhill from there when she decided maybe it’s best to wear jeans and a plain tee every day for the rest of her life.

Yeah, it got that dark.

There is a solution, my friend – there always is. Shop where the selection is always unique.

Shop vintage.

You might be thinking, “Ewwww used clothes” or “I don’t want to look like some throwback time machine girl.”

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. In today’s video, I am giving you four tips for making vintage look modern. You’re welcome.

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