11 Basics Every Woman Should Own

I’m been pushing my Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist for years now.

Why? Because adding basics to my wardrobe changed the game for me.

Back in the day, when I was a fashion-obsessed youngin’ who thought she needed a new outfit for every occasion of her life … My closet was filled with statement pieces. If I loved it, I bought, and I typically only got to wear that item once and in one way.

This behavior resulted in wasted money (and seemingly insurmountable debt) and a personal style that was all over the place.

Then one day I hit me.

Maybe I should start investing in those “boring” basics the magazines are always talking about.

I took a pause from buying “fun” clothes and purchased things like a white button down blouse and a classic leather jacket.


Instantly my look was more polished and I was able to create more looks with what I already had.

Total game changer!!!

One thought on “11 Basics Every Woman Should Own”

  1. I loved your YouTube videos on define a personal stylist, sound just like me and I’m so on the right path. Thank you for your video. Girls needs woman like you!


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