How To Shine Gucci Princetown Loafers At Home

These days people are quick to throw out items in their closet because they either don’t like then or it has a little bit of damage.

I would never encourage holding on to raggedy shit, however if an item can be repaired (especially if you spent a pretty penny on it) … repair it!

Take my Gucci loafer for example. I’ve gotten every single dollar worth out of this shoe investment, so part of me wanted to trash them when I noticed how beat up they had gotten.

Then I remembered I’m a freaking stylist with an incredible toolkit at my finger tips.

So I busted out the shoe polish and got to work. This old standy from Kiwi costs less than $5 and completely revived my $800 shoes. I used my Sole Glow sponge to apply the polish, which made for a super smooth and effective application.

Easiest “trick” in the world, but something we just need a quick reminder to actually do it.

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