5 Ways To Look Expensive (without spending a lot of money)

The fascination with wealth and status has been around for ages. So it’s completely natural for you to wanna look like you’ve got MONEY $$

But the question is, how do you look expensive without actually being filthy rich?

Heck, even if you have money you might not want to spend all of your riches on clothes.

The answer is simple.

Follow my 5 tips, and you’ll be looking like Miss Money Bags in no time.

#1- Get your groom on!
Do your hair, nails, and makeup because a little grooming goes a long way.

#2- Fit is everything. Did you know Jennifer Aniston gets her tee shirts tailored?! When your clothes fit, even the simplest of garments can look like a million bucks.

#3- Choose solids over prints. When shopping on a budget (fast fashion especially), prints often look cheap because of the construction techniques used to keep costs down. Choose solid colors instead.

#4- Steam, iron, and press. Wrinkles are never a good look. Period end of sentence.

#5- Invest in a few designer pieces … but get them at a discount! Shop consignment stores, vintage, and discount retailers for a great bag or a pair of shoes. Those finishing touches can elevate your look.

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