Under $250 IKEA Hack: DIY Walk-In Closet

When I first purchased my home, I had these wild fantasies of turning the second bedroom into an epic walk-in closet. And when I say “epic” what I meant was not DIY.

You see in my last two places I was renting, so it didn’t make sense to go all out on my closet rooms. Because of that I made myself a kick-ass closet on budget including garment racks made out of pips and a DIY IKEA island (see the hack instructions here).  It worked, but I longed for more.

Cut to me moving into my first home in Los Angeles with my big dreams and big enough budget. I was ready for the big leagues – the Instagram famous closet designers, and all the associated bells and whistles.

Well, the closet gods had another idea.

Never in my life have I experienced such contractor drama, ass crazy quotes, and dropped balls.

The fancy closet designer? Rates started at 35k for a reach-in closet. A reach-in??? I don’t even want to think about what a ROOM for a closet would cost.

The custom cabinet maker? 12k (which I was willing to pay) using the same kind of crusty IKEA fake wood … BUT he ghosted on me and ran off to Mexico with my deposit.

So I turned to old faithful … IKEA!

I called my assistant and said, “We’re building my closet room in 72 hours. Come over.”

I gathered a couple of pictures on Pinterest, drew a crappy pic on a sheet of paper, created a shopping list, and sent her on her way.

IKEA was able to customize their PAX system to mirror my crappy drawing, and the unit was delivered and installed the next day thanks to the help of a Task Rabbit.

The next step was the decor.

Since I use this particular room for an office a well I needed a table and chairs to be the focus of the room, I pulled the look of the room together with a rug, a snazzy overhead light, and cool green dresser to store my jewelry and accessories.

The entire room cost me a couple thousand dollars,  and the shelving was under $250. And to think I was ready to pay 12k WITHOUT all of the decor.

Consider me an IKEA closet connoisseur for life.

Product Links:

IKEA PAX system

Marble Table, Anthropologie 

Velvet Chairs, Anthropologie

Rug, Anthropologie (sold out)

Dresser, Modshop

Lighting Fixture, Lamps Plus

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