DIY Reach-In Open Closet (Under $150)

When I first moved into my house, the closet situation was scary. Both bedrooms had those awful sliding mirrored doors. Mirrors are great and all, but those doors? Tacky!

It had been on my list to “do something about those closet doors” for months, but it wasn’t until my video crew lit a fire under my ass that made me take action. Long story short, we wanted to film inside my bedroom, but the mirrors were going to ruin the shot.

I asked my contractor to replace the mirrors with regular closet doors. The plan was to customize the doors with trim, paint, and some cool handles. Of course, the design gods had other plans because due to the size of my closet, the doors would have to be custom made. Custom made doors would have taken around 3-weeks to build, and I needed the closet done in 3 days.

So it was on to plan B.

Plan B was an open closet. It was such an EASY project:

Step #1- Remove the closet doors

Step #2- Paint the inside of the closet and the shelving (shelves where there when I moved in)

Step #3- Upgrade the bars inside the closet (original were wood, so I swapped them out for metal)

Step #4- Decorate! New hangers, baskets, and some snazzy styling with books and accessories


I’m very happy with how it turned out, AND this forces me keep a well-edited and organized closet.  Would you ever do an open closet design in your home?


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