Pro Tips For Denim Shopping

I’ll never forget the time one of my clients emailed me completely distraught over her inability to find jeans that fit.

In her email, she went on to say that her body is “so weird” and “nothing ever fits her” – common phrases amongst my clients.

There wasn’t one weird thing about her body.

So I asked her which brands she had been trying on.

It turns out; homegirl was shopping in the wrong department! She was a 30-something woman shopping for jeans in the juniors department.

I immediately gave her some ADULT brands to try, and her problem was instantly solved.

The takeaway?

It’s not your “weird body”; it’s the choices you’re making. And if you walk into the store armed with some knowledge, you are bound to make better choices.

In today’s video, I am loading you up with information on how to successfully shop for denim.


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