Outfit Ideas For Speaking On Stage

Last week a good friend hit me up with a MAJOR fashion emergency.

She had booked a stylist to help her put together outfits for speaking on stage and the looks, to put it bluntly, were not good.

It’s not that the individual pieces were ugly, or even that the outfits were terrible. The real issue was that everything she chose broke every single rule when it comes to stage-appropriate outfits.

Rule #1- Your outfit must be figure flattering at EVERY angle. You will be photographed and you can’t be looking like a house on camera, am I right?

Rule #2- Your look can’t distract from your message. They came to hear what you have to say, if your outfit is too busy or overpowering that’s all they will remember.

Want the rest of the rules? (I’ve got 5 of ‘em) Tune into today’s video.


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