How To Set Your Closet Up For Success

“Serious development of the personality begins at the closet door” – William James

Look at William James, the father of American psychology serving up some truth from the great beyond.

As true as that quote is, this is the number one issue I see with so many of my clients. When the going gets tough, the tough cleans out their closet like an unsupervised child in a candy store.

I blame Marie Kondo. Everyone latched onto her “sparks joy” catchphrase and immediately tossed everything from their closet.

So I say Screw Marie Kondo because this is how you set your closet up for success.

Today I am going to share with you:

  • The secret weapon for cleaning out your closet like a pro – it doesn’t cost a penny and pretty much everyone has one.
  • The one-sheet that will change the way you shop and get dressed – it certainly did for me.
  • The thought-provoking question that will change the way you get dressed forever.

Read to begin?

Lesson 1: Your Secret Closet-Cleansing Weapon

The biggest mistake people when cleaning out their closet is going at it alone. I’ve cleansed hundreds of closets throughout my career, and the reason they were so successful is that I was there. I know what you’re thinking, “well duh you’re a stylist.” But that’s not it because I can’t successfully clean out my closet without having a partner in crime there to keep me honest.

So here is your first tip. Never clean out your closet alone! Find your most honest friend or family member and then proceed with the cleanse.

Lesson 2: The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist

Am I the only one who gets a little high when I check something off of my to-do list? Just me? Ok.

Even as a stylist it took me years to discover the importance of having a closet full of basics that I could mix and match to create endless outfit combinations. Everything in my closet was loud, busy, and if I’m honest with myself, nothing went together.

So I created a list of items that would help make my wardrobe more functional, I call it The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist.

This is what I want you to do … print out your checklist, grab a pen, your closet cleaning buddy, and get to work. Mark all of the items that you own (and are in good condition) and the unchecked items will migrate over to your shopping list.

This sets you up for shopping success and ensures you won’t get rid of valuable pieces in your closet. We’ll go into styling those pieces later, all of that is covered in Personal Style University.

Lesson 3: Pop The Question

Ok, final lesson in setting up your closet for success … pop the question. The question that changes everything. Ready for it?

How do you want to be perceived?

This is the new “sparks joy.” This magical little question also puts you in the driver’s seat. You aren’t changing your style to be cute; you are changing the narrative and ultimately improving your life.

Do you want to perceived as sexy or powerful? Smart or sassy? Trustworthy and free-spirited?

When you get clear on your answer, this again provides more clarity regarding what stays and what goes during your closet cleanse.

So let’s recap what you learned today …

1.) That your sometimes annoying brutally honest friend or family members is your greatest ally during the closet cleansing process.

2.) Santa isn’t the only who can benefit from a list. The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist is the start of your style blueprint.

3.) Going deeper by asking one little question will change the way you get dressed.

Believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cleaning out your closet (there’s a reason top stylists charge thousands to do this for you.) But fear not, inside of Personal Style University I teach you all the secrets, and I even support you while you clean out your closet inside our private community.

But for now, identify your partner in crime, print out that list, and start asking yourself that magical little question.

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