How To Develop Your Signature Style

The amount of messaging we receive regarding how we should look and what we should wear is insane. In this “everyone is a star” era driven by social media, the pressure to conform, while standing out at the same time, is exhausting.

I’m going to put all of my cards on the table here, if you’re looking for a stylist who gives a shit about trends or if something is “in or out” – I’m not your girl.

The jacket I have on right now is over ten years old – and I got it on sale.

Whether you love the jacket or not, my outfit today still looks current and most importantly, it looks like me.

Think about it; all of the celebrities that are best known for their style (aka style icons) seem to transcend time with their looks. For example photos of Jackie O from the 1960s look just as chic today as they did back then.

So what do those icons have that you don’t?

A signature style.

I’m going to teach you how to get started on developing your signature style.

Step 1: Set Some Goals

Before we even begin to think about clothes, we need to think about your goals. Every season I go through this style development process and what I wear ties directly in with my goals. If my goal is to advance in my career, then I need to focus on my work wardrobe. If I am single and don’t want to be, then the focus needs to be a date-worthy wardrobe.
So what are your goals? Close your eyes, and I want you to envision your goals happening. Picture them going exactly as planned. Now open your eyes. What were you wearing?

Step 2: Identify Your Icons

Now that you can see your bright future, you need a little inspiration to help you get there. Identify at least ten celebrities, influencers, TV/ movies characters, political figures, models … anyone who’s style you admire. Now here is the kicker, their style has to line up with your goals.

Step 3: Get Pinning

Your icons are set, so the next step is to get your imagery all in one place. I use Pinterest for myself, my clients, and all of my Personal Style University members use it as well. Such an amazing tool to stay organized and inspired.

Those first three steps will get you moving in the right direction so start there. I will warn you that step 2 is the most challenging step. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to draw a blank. Do me a favor and help each other out by commenting below with your favorite icon. I also have a complete list inside of Personal Style University.

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