How To Avoid Sales Associate Pressure Purchases

They (aka some meme I saw on the internet) say, “Nothing haunts us more than the clothes we didn’t buy.”But really, “they” should say, “Nothing haunts us more than the clothes we wasted money on because a sales associate pressured us into it.”

Ok, my saying doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but you get the point.

Being pressured into a purchase sucks! Here is what usually happens:

You get invited somewhere fabulous and find yourself “needing” a new outfit.

But there isn’t enough time to shop online.

So you head to the mall.

Problem is you’re frantic and frustrated.

So you ask the sales associate for help.

That’s when the trouble begins.

“Try this on. OMG, gurl! Soooo cute. It’s PERFECT for your event!”

Hundreds of dollars later you have your look, but you’re not 100% sold on it. BUT the salesgirl was practically doing a backflip over it, so it must be good.

You wear the outfit, but not with 100% confidence.

After that, the outfit collects dust in your closet. You can’t donate it because dammit you spent so much on it!

Can you relate?

Let’s not do that nonsense again, ok?

In today’s video, I am sharing my tips for avoiding sales associate pressure purchases.

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