Fashion Tips for Teens

I love it when my work has an impact more substantial than just making women look cute. I mean looking cute rocks, but how awesome would it be to change your family tree with style?

Now we’re cooking with grease.

Know what I’m sayin?
Check out this post from one of my Personal Style University members …
“Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey is fond of saying that learning to control your money can “change your family tree.” I’m seeing that making an effort to look your best can too. I come from a long line of geeks, and my mom wears literally no makeup or jewelry simply because she doesn’t see the need.
After my first run through of PSU, I did a closet cleanse for my kids and started making outfits for them. My daughter has picked up the habit. She’s been so excited to start wearing her jackets. I was walking by the bathroom and found her OOTD hanging on the door.”

That post made my day.

As children, we were never really taught how to style ourselves. We were left to our devices when it comes to this important daily task. I can remember being a kid, and especially when I was a teen, struggling to fit in and accept my appearance.
What if we were taught some basic styling principles early on? How would that affect our self-confidence? How would a boost of confidence impact other areas of our lives?
Some food for thought …
In today’s video, I am sharing some styling tips for teens. I also definitely sound like an old lady! LOL.

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