QUIZ: Do You Need A Style Upgrade?

Style. It matters and I’m going to prove it to you.

I’m going to walk you through a little style quiz to see where you’re at with your style. Don’t worry you aren’t being graded, answer as honestly as you can:


1.) Do you love the way you look right now?

2.) Are you feeling like a ten on the confidence scale?

3.) If you ran into an ex, old friend, or a client would you be embarrassed because of your appearance?

4.) Do you feel comfortable in your clothes? Nothing is riding up, or showing those extra cookies you wolfed down during a This Is Us cry-fest?

5.) Are you a little too comfortable in your clothes? Like a baggy, sloppy, stretchy mess.

6.) What’s the state of your closet?

7.) Is that chair in your bedroom being covered up by a pile of failed outfit attempts?

8.) Have you recently experienced a “closet meltdown”? Aka a toddler level outburst that happens when you can’t figure out what to wear

10.) Do you love everything in your closet or just a measly 20%?


I hope you didn’t answer yes to any of those questions, but something tells me that you did to at least one of them.

Now lets quickly envision the polar opposite of that experience…

You spring out of bed happy to start your day. When you fling open your closet doors, you feel inspired. You love everything hanging in your closet, and the outfit possibilities are endless. You feel sexy, cool, and confident because you aren’t tugging at your skirt and you’ve properly highlighted your best assets. All of this and you haven’t even walked out the door. After you head to work, you are stunned by the number of people smiling at you; some are even stopping you on the street to pay you a compliment.

This can be your reality.

Now I know getting dressed can be hard work, if it were that easy then everyone would be walking around looking like models and movie stars. And I get it; it’s so much easier to flip your wrist and say, “Style is dumb. It’s superficial. People should like me for me.”

They SHOULD, but they don’t.

In order for people to like you, trust you, spend money with you, date you, marry you … whatever! They need to get to know you first. How you look/what you wear is the trailer to a great movie. We need to be enticed by the trailer before we spend money on the movie.

It takes people less than 7 seconds to form an opinion about you. Do you know how they’re gathering their data? By looking at you. Seven seconds isn’t enough time to win anyone over with your personality.

Let’s get real; people are judging you.

This is going to sound crazy, but honestly, this is GOOD NEWS.

You get to change the narrative; you get to fully express your best most powerful self through style.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “retail therapy.”

You can start dressing like the woman you were meant to be right now. You can look and feel polished and put together – without looking like you tried too hard! But more importantly, you can dress for the life you WANT.

I’ve dressed my way into career success, body confidence, more fun, and love.

Do you think style matters?

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