How to Dress Better Without Buying Anything New

In high school, I had the ugliest pair of jeans. They didn’t start off ugly; I made them ugly.

I wanted to stand out, so I punched holes all across the bottoms, then I tied ribbons to the holes: not fabric ribbons, but curling ribbon – the kind that’s used to wrap gifts.


They were terrible, but the concept was good.

I was doing my best to reinvent what was already hanging in my closet since my mom wasn’t into buying me new clothes every five minutes.

Even today I can certainly relate to not being able to buy new clothes whenever I please. Between being a responsible adult (aka keeping the budget in check), and limited closet space – style reinvention is crucial.

These days it isn’t about adding ribbons (unless that’s your thing), it’s more about finding new ways to wear old clothes.

In today’s video, I am sharing some of my best-kept secrets, in fact, I usually only share them with my Personal Style University members but I’m feeling nice, so here you go!


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