A Day in the Life of an Stylist: Launching the Style Planner

Wanna know the coolest part about running your own business? Doing whatever the f*ck you want!!!


Right now, as I type this email, I am sitting at my dining room table eating a peppermint cookie while looking at my adorable dog Yohji. The cookie is delicious, btw.

As glorious as that is, that isn’t the type of freedom that I’m talking about.

You see, in another lifetime I worked in corporate America. I sat in a cubicle and witnessed just how long it took for an idea to go from inception to execution.

It took FOREVER!

500 emails, 55 meetings, and there was still a chance your big idea would get shot down in the end.

Now that I am running the show, I can essentially think of something and then do it.

However, just because the process is fast, doesn’t mean it’s easy.


In today’s video, I am giving you a little behind the scenes look at the making of my first physical product – The Style Solution print edition. 

Holy smokes there was more to this process than just hitting “print” and “add to cart” … it was hard work!!!

I know it will all pay off in the end though because the finished product is going to be breathtaking. The first batch of orders ships out on Friday. Eeekkk!! Order your copy before they sell out.

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