Styling Tips for Natural Hair with Philip Lankford

Picture this:

You’re wearing the perfect outfit.

The style is right, and the fit is like they made it with your body in mind, the color is making your eyes sparkle – this outfit is the picture of perfection.

Then why do you still look like a Garbage Pail Kid?

*pans up to your head*

Could it be your hair?

Now I’m not saying YOUR hair looks like trash, but I know my hair has looked that way in the past and it’s impacted my overall look negatively.

We all want to be the total package, am I right? Of course, I am.

Let’s not let a bad head of hair mess up a perfectly good outfit.

That’s why I’m sitting down with my longtime hairstylist Philip Lankford to discuss all things hair.

And you know what that means? It means it’s time for a brand new style series!

Yep, today marks the start of the ‘Beyond Style Expert Series.’ In this mini-series, I am putting on my interviewer hat (let’s see if it fits), and am sitting down with my favorite experts outside of my area of expertise.

In this interview, we’ll discuss my various hairstyles (more photos included), and he’ll answer your most burning hair questions.

I’ll leave you with my original head of hair …

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