What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You! A Little Style 101

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your personal style. The more you know, the better choices you’ll make.

Here’s the issue: Learning how to style yourself is confusing AF!

For starters who do you listen to? Magazines, bloggers, Instagram influencers, style experts, books, TV shows, and the list goes on …

The laundry list of choices, the conflicting information, and advice that is centered around “them” (celebrities, models, influencers) and not you is enough to make most women give up.

So you throw in the towel and say, “You know what … this tee shirt and jeans ensemble will just have to do.”

You stuff down your desire to look and feel better, and that works for a while.

Until it all comes creeping back in, and you say, “I really should do something about my style.” Can you guess what happens next? You go shopping, try a few things on, and disaster ensues.

“Nothing ever fits me!”

“I hate shopping.”

“There are no good options for ____.”

Sound familiar? I think we’ve all been there. Big or small, rich or poor – we’ve all suffered in the style department.

But guess what? You don’t have to suffer. If you knew better, you’d do better. And it all starts with learning how to dress the body you have NOW.

Imagine living in a world where almost everything you tried on fit and flattered your figure. Then the only decision you have to make is if you like that particular garment or not.

No meltdowns. No drama. Sweet, sweet freedom can be your reality, my friend.

My ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ program is on fire right now. Hundreds of women have said yes to knowing more when it comes to their personal style.

And I’ve added some kick-ass new bonuses, AND I am even cooking up a brand new one that will be released to program members in a few weeks!!

Bonus #1: Celebrities by Body Type Guide 

If you look at celebrities and their style the RIGHT way, they can help you with your style instead of messing with your self-esteem. In this guide, I’ll help you find your celebrity body double (one of my game-changing styling tricks), and get inspired by attainable celebrity style.

Bonus #2: Outfits by Body Type Style Guide 

So you get the whole “body type” concept, but you’re still unsure on exactly what you should be wearing? I’m here to help with 25 outfits styled by me, all with quick tips on why I made each styling decision. Get inspired and get informed.

Bonus #3: Body Type Identification Worksheet 

Stumped on where your body falls in the body type spectrum? This simple worksheet will help you quickly identify your body type.

Bonus #4 {COMING SOON}: Style By Body Part Guidebook 

I get it; sometimes the whole body type thing doesn’t feel personal enough. That is precisely why I am cooking up this brand new guide. If your arms are thick, your torso’s short, those legs are muscular, ankles are too big (or too small), and the list goes on … I am at your service! This guide is going to deep dive into the body parts that give us the most problems. When you join now this bonus is yours the second I release it.

>> JOIN NOW<< 

See you inside the program!

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