The “Perfect Body” Is Only An Outfit Away

If you were part of my ‘Love Your Body Style Challenge’ that I put on last month, then you know exactly why I put “perfect body” in quotations.

If you didn’t participate in the challenge, that subject line might have triggered some major side eye. That’s exactly what I wanted it to do.

The truth is there is no such thing as a “perfect body.”

I mean sure we all have #bodygoals, and I’m not about to squash your dreams or anything … but this moving target called “perfection” is something we should avoid.

I believe the body you are living in right now should be loved, respected, and dressed accordingly. Yes, even if you are working towards changing it.

The most common objection I hear from women who want to improve their personal style is this:

“After I lose the weight I’ll start working on my wardrobe.”

That phrase has left the lips of clients ranging from a size 2 to a size 24.

It doesn’t matter how big or small we are, we all want to change SOMETHING about our bodies.

We obsess over the changes we want to make.

We shut out specific styles and silhouettes due to our “imperfect” bodies.

We even carry our bodies differently to hide certain areas (slumping our shoulders to hide a large bust, wrapping your arms around your midsection to hide a tummy).

You know what I say to all of that?


It’s time to feel good NOW.  Are you down for that?! Excellent (I went ahead and assumed you said yes).

I have officially revamped my ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ program, and boy is it good!!!

If you are ready to dress the body you have now in a flattering and stylish way, then consider this your personal invitation.
Here is how the program works: 

  • As soon as you join the course, you’ll get a series of video lessons, downloadable guides/ebooks, and access to the private community where I’m handing out personalized advice.
  • You get lifetime access to all the materials, so you’ll never fall behind or get overwhelmed. You can go through the program at a pace that works for you.
  • You’ll get the exact strategies I’ve used to help hundreds of women transform their lives by finding learning how to dress their unique body type.
  • Plus my brand new bonuses: Celebrities by Body Type ebook, the Body Type Assessment worksheet, and the Outfits By Body Type ebook.

This is my lowest priced program ever at $97. For less than one hundred dollars you can experience style freedom with my help.

Stacy London has personally trained me from What Not To Wear on these body type principles, and I’ve literally styled hundreds of women.
This. Shit. Works.

>> JOIN NOW>> 

See you inside the program!

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