Radical Self-Honesty When It Comes To Style and Business

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going HARD with my ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ message and program promotion.

Why? A couple of reasons:

1.) This is something I fully believe in. Is dressing for your body the end all be all for your style? NO.

But can it makes a massive difference in the way you look, and how you feel about the body you have now? HECK YES!

I have watched thousands of women transform from the outside in through these styling principles, and I want you to transform too.

2.) I need to stop shrinking because it’s time for me to grow! For over 3 years I have been providing free content on my YouTube channel. 500+ videos, over 6 million views, and 65k subscribers later I continue to give and to be honest, I’ve closed myself off from receiving.

Let me explain …

You may have noticed that my videos are highly produced (and never #sponsored). I’m not shooting this shit on my iPhone, people – it’s straight up Hollywood. My video team also works for a little television network called Bravo – maybe you’ve heard of it?

The beautiful free eBooks and worksheets you download are designed by a fabulous woman (and mother) who designs for BET, Bravo, and some of the most attended museums in Washington DC.

The knowledge I have wasn’t something I was born with. I’ve read every book, attended countless seminars, am part of various organizations within the fashion and entrepreneurial space, and have sat through hours of classes, workshops, and online training.

All of this “free” stuff costs money. And let me be VERY clear …

I am not sharing this with you to complain. 

Creating content is a key ingredient in running a successful business. You know what else is? Selling stuff.

That is where I shrink, and it’s time to grow.

I shrink because I don’t want to come off “sales-y.” I shrink because I’m afraid of being judged. I shrink because leaving my comfort zone is scary.

But growth helps keep the lights on, it gives me the ability to provide free content, it allows me to employ talented people who also have a gift to share, and I know for a fact that when people use my products their lives change – like FOR REAL!

I share this message for all of the content creators, entrepreneurs, hustlers, and anyone else who has every dimmed their light.

Dimming your light doesn’t have to relate to business (this is just my personal experience). It can relate to the way you behave in your relationships, how you dress, or even how you answer the question, “how was your day?”

So today’s message is to shine bright like the fabulous diamond that you are.

PS- If you want to support the content that I create. I encourage you to join my ‘Dress Right For Your Body Type’ program or purchases one of my books.  Already own those things? Then please tell a friend about the work that I do. Thank you in advance!

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