How To Respectfully Adhere to the Dress Code

I received an email from a viewer a while back and it just stuck with me. So much so that I had to make a video about it. Here is the email:

“I just attended a “casual” 50th birthday party at a local bar and I felt my outfit was a casual “going out” outfit. It was a two piece crop top and skirt with thigh high boots. This is something I’d just wear out to any club so not special but the others were saying, “You wasted your outfit on this event?” Me: WASTED? Never felt like I wasted this outfit because I’m always conscience of my attire. It’s better to be “over dressed” than like I was attending a hoedown! SMH”

Girrrrrl … I have some thoughts on this email and a few tips for respectfully adhering to dress codes. Check out the video above for my tips!

One thought on “How To Respectfully Adhere to the Dress Code”

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I’m loving your posts. however I’m wondering, given that the world right now is in Covid and we are now more than ever so much more casual than we already were, how do you dress if Im not into nor like wearing gym/leggings going out? Or that I’m not always super comfortable in jeans? Culture is also at play here. Culture is now sooooo casual in my view that its gone way too far the other way. I am a modern 50 woman. I still have some old fashion values that are ingrained in me. i love how woman once were always stylish for going out. Like anything the pendulum always tends to swing too far in rebuke before hopefully settling somewhere in between. and yes, I’m no diva. I can and do love getting ‘dirty’.
    So in a nutshell, what if your not into sooo super casual? That its just not you?

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