How To Get Noticed (with your clothes)

Not everyone likes being the center of attention with all eyes on them.

Many times the notion blending in sounds freaking amazing. BUT I think we all can agree that sometimes standing out plays a huge role in our success as humans. If you want the man of your dreams to come to talk to you, he has to notice you first. If you’re going to be the one chosen for that coveted promotion, you’re going to have to get seen. Perhaps you’re at a networking event, and you want all of the important people to come to talk to you – instead of you doing that awkward “excuse me, excuse me” … you’re going to have to get noticed!

Here are a few ways you can get noticed through the power of style.

1. Stand Out *duh*

Wearing a statement piece like a jacket, a necklace, a fresh pair of shoes, a new bag, bold color will turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd. If everyone is wearing black and you’ve got on neon yellow, guess who’s getting all the attention.

2. Be Weird

Put on a conversation starter. For example, I just bought a Fendi bag charm that looks like a banana. Someone is starting a conversation with you where you’re carrying around a banana. Every time I wear my spiked pumps to business events, someone talks to me. Look for things that are just weird enough. Nothing that severely breaks dress code, just something that pushes the envelope.

3. Pay Attention To Other People

Keen observers take cues from other and use them to their advantage. When you notice other people, people see you.

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