5 Ways To Feel Happy In Your Clothes

When you boil down all of your goals, hopes, dreams, and desires – no matter what they are we all are just looking for happiness at the end of the day. We think the relationship, the job, the car, the vacation will make us happy but we still find ourselves coming up short.

So the question is, can you dress your way to happiness?

I certainly think you can. Here are five ways to dress happy.

1.) Wear clothing that supports movement. Moving your body makes you happy. Dancing, running, jumping, heck just feeling comfortable in your clothing can make you feel good. Purchase clothing that fits/feels , and you’ll be well on your way to that happy place.

2.) Make a statement. Wearing a unique piece whether it’s a statement necklace or a one-of-a-kind vintage pieces can make you feel amazing. These pieces are usually conversation starters, and the wearer gets credit/accolades for picking up such a great piece. Getting praise often leads to happiness.

3.) Well cut clothing. A well-made, well-cut garment shows your shape in the best light, and that bolsters confidence. When you feel confident you feel, what? Happy. I know when I’m wearing something that is cut for my body I have an extra pep in my step . When I wear something over-sized or misshapen, I feel “fat” and uncomfortable which takes me out of that happy place.

4.) Playful patterns. Patterned and printed clothing is something a lot of women avoid. They are harder to style, have less longevity, BUT they do a lot to pump up that happy juice. Patterns that are playful remind us of our childhood, patterns found in nature connect us to the energy of the universe, and stripes/plaids make us feel cool and stylish.

5.) Pieces that are “you.” When your attire reflects your authentic self, you get happy. My hair, for example, chopping it all off makes me feel more me than I ever have in my entire life. I feel damn excited about it too. Some people don’t like (most do), but it doesn’t matter because for once in my life I feel truly happy about my hair life.

So there are five ways you get dress happy. Remember what you put on your body can trick your mind into entering that state. So dress happy, be happy.

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