3 Ways To Look Slimmer In Your Clothes


“Do I look fat in this?”

I think it’s pretty obvious that when that phrase leaves your lips, you don’t want to look fat in this. Most women want to look slim in their clothes. I won’t say all, but most.

Looking slim in your clothes isn’t a 24/7 requirement – sometimes you have to say screw it and wear that fabulous outfit that also makes you look kinda huge. But for the times where you need to look slim – like for important events, occasions when you are being filmed or photographed … let’s do what we can to look slim and confident.

Here are a couple of tips!

1.) Wear all one color. This blurs the dividing lines on the body, which makes you look slimmer.

2.) Avoid patterned clothing. The human eye takes longer to travel across patterned fabrics, and this makes the body appear longer.

3.) Emphasize your waist. Anytime you draw attention to the smaller part of your body; it makes you appear smaller as a whole.

What are your tips for looking slimmer? Share them in the comments.

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