Your Brain On Style


Remember that commercial in the 80s with the egg?

“This is your brain, this your brain on drugs. Any questions?”

Ahh, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Anyhow in today’s video, I’m doing the same thing with style. A few facts:

1.) Choosing the right clothes can you make you less anxious and less depressed! Your clothing sends internal messages to your brain that can boost your mood or put you down in the dumps. Think about it; the wrong outfit can make you feel like shit; the right gear can make you feel like a million bucks.

So that means it’s not just about what looks nice. It’s about what feels right.

2.) There is a link between unkempt clothing and depression – not to say that everyone who dresses poorly is depressed but out of those studied who were depressed their clothing showed it.

Studies also show that the #1 item people reach for when they’re feeling low? Jeans! And baggy tops came in a close second.

And perhaps the most interesting piece …

In a study people were asked to look at a series of photos where the faces were blurred, body positioning the same, the only thing different was their outfits. Just by seeing their outfits, people were able to guess the subjects mood accurately!

So there it is folks, your brain is affected by what’s on your back.

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