The Problem with Dressing Comfortably

“I just want to be comfortable!”

If I had a dollar for every time, someone said that to me …

I get it, no one wants to be uncomfortable but these days comfort typically means sweatpants or some heinous pair of leggings.

I often think about that episode on Seinfeld where George was rocking sweatpants, and Jerry told him the message he was sending to the world was that he gave up on life.

Karl Lagerfeld has a similar quote regarding sweatpants.

Sweatpants rarely make a positive statement to the world. AND as it turns out, they don’t make a positive statement to yourself either.

In a German study, when people were asked to describe their characteristics in formal clothes vs. comfortable clothes, the answers changed dramatically. You think different of YOURSELF dependent on what is on your back. What you wear it what you become.

Dressing up makes you more internally motivated. Dressing down does not. If you want to get fired up, you need to take off those damn sweats. Dressing up shows the ability to step up, to expose yourself, and a willingness to feel good.

Are you still going to dress “comfortable” sound off in the comments?

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