Style That Gets You Paid


I just love how much power we have hanging in our closets! Style can alter your mood, it can attract people into your life and out of your life, it can make you look bigger or smaller than you are, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If style can do all that, it can certainly get you paid.

Did you know, people are more willing got give money to someone who’s style resembles their own?

So if you’re trying to get your boss to give you that raise, start dressing like her. It’s based on the NLP technique called mirroring. You can do it with peoples mannerisms and gestures too, if someone believes you are like them, they are going to like you. So dressing similar to a powerful player makes them feel like you’re basically BFFs.

Want an excuse to purchase some designer labels? It has been proven that wearing labels get you hired! A candidate with a visible/recognizable designer piece gets hired over an equally qualified candidate in no-name clothes.

It comes down to this: when you look like you care about yourself, other people want to care for you too. Giving someone a job, to me, is the ultimate form of caring – they want to help you live!

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