Love Your Body Style Challenge {July 9-18th)

I have yet to meet a person who has an entirely positive relationship with their body. The person you look at and think #bodygoals is currently standing on her bathroom scale crying over the number staring back at her. The woman whose photos you obsess over on Instagram, just had a meltdown in the fitting room because she can’t quite pull her jeans over her butt.

We all have body issues, and our clothing is a constant reminder that we aren’t thin enough, our boobs aren’t big enough, our ankles aren’t small enough. Please feel free to insert your body hang-up here.

The reality is we can’t avoid wearing clothing. Try as you might, you have to put clothes on your back to function as a normal member of society. I dare you to make it one week without wearing anything! In fact, if you are crazy enough to try that it still wouldn’t fix your relationship with your body.

We have to put on clothes, and we have to live in our bodies.

Can you change your body? Sure. But can you change it this second? No, not really. You can start the change today, but visual change takes time.

How about your clothes, can you change that now? Of course, you can, but that isn’t the answer. Changing your relationship with clothing is the answer. 

And with that, I’d like to introduce you to my latest challenge!

The Love Your Body Style Challenge.

Starting July 9th, we are going embark upon a challenge where we are going to stand tall and go deep when it comes to personal style and our bodies.

We aren’t going to diet, and we aren’t going to exercise (unless you want to), we aren’t even going to go shopping! What we are going to do is explore how styling the clothes we have can change the way we feel about our bodies.

Sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it?

What’s included:

  • A 10-Day Love Your Body Style Challenge guide.
  •  Membership to the private Love Your Body Style Challenge Facebook group.
  • Daily live video lessons from me inside the FB group and delivered to your inbox.

>> JOIN NOW <<

By the end of this challenge you will:

  • Begin to appreciate the body you have instead of obsessing over the one you think you want.
  • Walk away with some power relationships with the other women inside the group and with me.
  • Learn a ton! I will be popping into the group daily with extra style lessons and feedback on your work.

Are you ready to join? The challenge officially starts July 9th, so snag your spot now.

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