7 Ways to Look Powerful

It’s our instinct to desire power – whether it be at work, in your relationship, or even among your peer group. A little bit of power feels good. Sometimes you need power. Perhaps you are a leader in your industry or at your organization. If you don’t command authority and respect, things could go South.

The definition of power is “the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.”

So how do you go about looking powerful? I have seven ways …

1.) Have a Signature Look. When you think about powerful women throughout history, the majority of them have some signature look. Michelle Obama with her brightly colored sleeve sheath dresses that expose her killer arms.

2.) Be Well Groomed. Who wants to be led by someone who is scraggly and smelly? No one. Pull it together! Comb your hair, get your nails done, shower. It’s not rocket science, people.

3.) Emphasis on Quality. Quality over quantity. When you outfit yourself in head to toe cheap, people can tell.

4.) Darker Colors Project Authority. And who doesn’t love a badass in black?

5.) High Contrast with Color or Accessories. Red says power every time (especially with blue undertones) and bold accessories make an impact. Influential people make an impact.

6.) Skip Patterns. The pattern takes away from your message – clothes are doing too much of the talking. Influential people draw you in with their words and the clothing compliments their message.

7.) Adapt to Your Environment. Not to get political, but I’m going to use a political example because its fashion related and I think most people are aware of it. When Melania Trump wore sky-high heels to Texas after the hurricane. Okay, not adapting to their environment and she certainly didn’t give off a sort of power. In fact, she got dragged for being so out of touch. Adapt to your environment.

What do you do to dress powerfully? Sound off in the video comments.

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