10 Reasons Why People Get Dressed

Our use of clothing has evolved throughout the years. Gone are the days where clothing was purely used to keep us protected from the elements. Those days left with the cavemen.

These days we wear clothing for all sort of reasons. In fact, I’ve gathered 10 of the reasons to share with you today:

1.) To Feel Confident
2.) To Be Comfortable
3.) For Self Expression
4.) To Look Fashionable
5.) To Look Professional
6.) To Get Noticed
7.) To Look Sexy
8.) To Show Off Your Body
9.) To Disguise Your Body
10.) To Blend In

Not all of those reasons are “good” reasons, but they are reasons all the same. I find it very helpful to clear on your motives for getting dressed.

Can you pick one or two items from that list and tailor your wardrobe choices to them. For me, I might choose to look fashionable and to feel confident. With those two things in mind, I cam circle back to those motives each time I shop.

What are your style motives? Share them in the video comments.

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