Real Life vs. Pinterest Life: Street Style

Pinterest is a powerful tool. It’s a great way to curate your ideal sense of style, and it’s a fun way to pass the time. I’d venture to say that Pinterest is one of my favorite tools and it’s helped my clients and my business tremendously.

There is one little problem. Pinterest Life vs. Real Life isn’t always the same thing.


In today’s video, we are tackling street wear and those fun street style stars we see on Pinterest. They look so chic, and they come up with the craziest combinations. But should you partake? And why do they look so good when in reality that outfit is crazy?

1.) Fashion week isn’t real life – at all.

The majority of the “street style” photos you see are editors/bloggers/influencers are “peacocking” aka trying their hardest to get photographed. The more outlandish and unrealistic the photo, the higher chance they have of getting free press. If you were to knock on any of these women’s door any other day of the week, you’d catch them looking just like you.

2.) Can we say gifted?

The majority of the gear these street style stars are wearing is gifted/loaned to them. Why? For the photographs!! The designer/PR firm often gives instructions no how to wear each piece.

3.) Their job is to wear clothes.

Fashion editors and bloggers are literally paid to wear clothes. They are the new breed of models. If you don’t look like this on the regular, that’s okay – it isn’t your job.

Listen, you are welcome to look to these influencers for inspiration. I do all the time. Just don’t beat yourself up if you don’t look as cool, expensive, or effortless as them – it ain’t so effortless. Once you learn how to draw inspiration the right way, creating your unique sense of style becomes second nature.

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