Real Life vs. Pinterest Life: Casual Wear “The Dangers of Model Off Duty”

Pinterest is a powerful tool. It’s a great way to curate your ideal sense of style, and it’s a fun way to pass the time. I’d venture to say that Pinterest is one of my favorite tools and it’s helped my clients and my business tremendously.

There is one little problem. Pinterest life vs. Real life isn’t always the same thing.

In today’s video, we are diving into those “model off duty” looks that are all over Pinterest. You know the pics when a model or a celebrity is casually walking down the street with a Starbucks cup looking fierce? They look so “effortless,” people say, and people want that.


Here is the issue, that effortless style looks that way because:

1.) The Photography. The paparazzi took 200 photos to get that one “effortless shot.”

2.) Accessories. Chances are this model/celeb is carrying the latest it bag, its wearing sunglasses, a jacket, and has on killer shoes. The second they take all of that off? They look just like you and me.

3.) Um, They’re “Perfect.” Ok, they aren’t perfect, but you have to remember that these style icons are manufactured. They don’t “wake up like this” They have trainers, hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists, photographers, and also know when they are being photographed. If you have those resources on a daily basis, you might look “effortless” too.

So yeah, hate to burst your bubble but that is why the whole “look for less” is hard to achieve.

The fix? Insert yourself into the equation and for goodness sakes don’t be so hard on yourself!! You’re an actual person with a job, a family, and a life. If you were paid to get photographed at Starbucks and had brands outfitting you – I’m sure you’d look as good.

Can you look effortless? Of course. But it’s all about adjusting expectations and wanting to look like YOU more than some celebrity

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