How To Dress Up A Pair Of Jeans

I’ll start by saying this … I am so glad the skinny jeans craze has slowed down. While they aren’t gone for good (I still have a few pairs myself) it is nice to have some other options.

A lot of the new denim out there is, well, out there.

These aren’t your run of the mill jeans so it takes some extra effort to “dress them up.”

Tip #1- Add heels. Heels add instant polish to a denim look. It’s a no-fail trick that works every time.

Tip #2- Layer up. Rocking a topper like a blazer, jacket, or cardigan goes a long way. Much better than just a plain tee or a top.

Tip #3- Add some flash. Blingy accessories, sunglasses, and chic bag will instantly dress you up while wearing denim.

Jacket, Saint Laurent // Bodysuit, Wolford // Jeans, Frame // Shoes, Christian Louboutin // Bag, Fendi

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