5 Items to Toss From Your Closet Now

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? If you are like most women, you’ve cleaned out your closet dozens of times but without lasting results. Maybe you missed the five key items you should be purging from your closet NOW.

Let’s go through the list:

1.) Ill-Fitting Clothing. When something doesn’t fit, it takes a major toll on your style. Period.

2.) Items That Aren’t “You.” We all fall into this trap, you see something that looks fabulous on another person (a celebrity, a model, a friend) but when you put it on yourself, it just doesn’t work.

3.) Expensive Items You Don’t Wear. I have cleansed hundreds of closets, and 99% of them have a least one pricey item that is impossible to part with.

4.) Items From Your Ex. It could be a gift or an old tee shirt you wear to bed. I don’t care what it is, items from your ex’s need to go!

5.) Anything That Doesn’t Represent Where You Are In Life NOW. Your wardrobe should represent who you are now, and I’d even go as far say to who would want to be in the future.

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