The Fear Of Wasting An Outfit

I’ve cleaned out a TON of closets over the course of my career and, I kid you not, every single closet has had at least one unworn item. The dialogue usually goes a little something like this:

Me: OMG this piece is so cute!

Client: Thank you!

Me: Wait, does it still have the tags on it?!!

Client: Well I can’t just “wear” it. I’m saving it for something special.

Something “special.” Mind you, none of these pieces are ball gowns or anything extravagant like that. They are normal garments suitable for everyday use, but for some reason, they have been deemed “special” and will remain unworn.

Stop it!!

This all stems from the STUPID fear of wasting an outfit on an insignificant day.


Not to get all motivational speaker on you, but isn’t every day special? You’re alive aren’t you? That’s winning in my book.

Learn more about this crazy phenomenon in today’s video.

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